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Did you know that Coca-Cola carbonated drink is almost 65% more expensive in the UK than in Latvia?

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How much has the price of Pringles chips changed over the last 24 hours? What is the price dynamics for sweet drinks in Belgium? What is the difference in the price of energy drinks in different countries?

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Price change statistics for Ukraine Price change statistics for Ukraine

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Price Explorer allows you to view and compare the most recent monthly data for over 10 countries.

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*Pringles chips are chosen as an example. Below you can try to view the statistics.

Highest price change per/annum


Retail Price


Retail Price


% Price Change

Ukraine €2.99 / unit €3.15 / unit Up 5.35%
Bulgaria €2.50 / unit €3.00 / unit Up 20%
Lithuania €2.60 / unit €3.10 / unit Up 19.2%
Latvia €2.99 / unit €3.15 / unit Up 5.35%
UK €3.00 / unit €3.60 / unit Up 20%
Poland €2.40 / unit €3.05 / unit Up 27.1%
France €2.89 / unit €3.09 / unit Up 6.92%
Netherland €2.99 / unit €3.10 / unit Up 3.68%
Highest price change per/annum

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Retail prices by country

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Dynamics of price changes by country

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Comparison of prices by country

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